June 9th, 2016

Watch ‘Are You Trending?’ video

Divn’t fret yersens, we’ll keep this one brevitous – just wanted to let yous all know that our brand spankous new viderbunt is on YouTube and VEVO right now!


Many thanks to the folks over at Caviar Content for directing up a total doozy.

The full version of ‘Are You Trending?’ is available to stream and download on all the usual services.


May 19th, 2016

Are You Trending?



As much as the idea of peffing around in the first rays of the beautiful British summertime appeals to our milky hides, we are just too dedicated to you, our gelatinous fanbase, to kick back in good conscience unless we have done as much slaving-away-in-the-studio-pumping-out-wangingly-massive-bangers as we can plausibly manage…

With that in mind – neb on over to Wonderland RIGHT NOW to listen to ‘Are You Trending?‘, but be wary, early indications are that imbibing this track can make the listener so ready to party that they might just spontaneously quit their jobs, steal their boss’s rare 1961 Ferrari GT California and then hoss it over a precipice like it’s the denouement of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!

You have been warned.

‘ARE YOU TRENDING?’ is released on FRIDAY 20th MAY – it is available on all digital services.



May 12th, 2016

Dilate Remixed – out now!


As if we hadn’t treated you all to enough awesome remixes recently, here’s ‘Dilate Remixed’: a bumper new collection of Dilate remixes for you to get your ears around…. including previously unreleased reworks by some great friends – SeamlessPick A Piper, Paper TigerErik Luebs, Wesley Matsell, Sun Glitters and Rob Clouth.

No excuse for missing out on these fine slices of audio cake!

Get hold of it today from  itunes, or bandcamp, or stream it now from Spotify.







April 15th, 2016

FaltyDL & LV remix ‘4AM’

Our new single ‘4AM’ has been taken apart and rebuilt by FaltyDL and LV. Both versions appear on the Spesh Edition of Dilate. Hear them both below:

April 14th, 2016

Remix overload!

Easy Fefflers


It’s gone all remix crazy. Here’s one we did of PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING (sorry to shout). It will be available on The Race For Space remix album, released on 17th June.

After he bunted us off a treat last year we’ve returned the favour with top French producer Gordon and mashed up his track ‘Coelacanthe’. Listen via Clash Magazine.

Extreme lovin’

Vessels x