March 16th, 2015

Echo In Remixes

Easy Peng-team!

Here’s the sketch:

Firstly: Rotary-encoder-‘twazzling brown-sound polisher Rival Consoles has remixed ‘Echo In‘ and it’s a DOOZIE! You can wrap your lobes around it above…

Secondly: Tweft bunting Sagacity magnate Antenna Happy has ALSO remixed ‘Echo In': AND ITS ALSO A DOOZIE! Beb it at your leisure…

And Finally – you can hevvle your jowells around both those remixes AND the plum-wibbling neb-fest that is Ripperton’s remix of the same tune, all collected together like a bulbous gastrobunting three course-meal made entirely out of sound at all of the usual virtual/streaming sitelets RIGHT NOW.

Google Play

See you down the front!



March 2nd, 2015

New Album Dilate Out Now!

dilate physical

We’re very happy to officially unleash our third album Dilate into the world today! Available as download, CD or a limited edition double-vinyl LP from all the usual online retailers (iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay) and all your favourite UK independent record shops, or directly from the ‘shop’ tab of this very website. Crank it through some good speakers, turn it up loud, and let the sub-bass from ‘Vertical’ wobble your nether-bits around like they just don’t care! Tell all your friends. Phone up your grandma and hold the phone to the speakers. Shout about it at inappropriate moments during awkward formal engagements. But most importantly come and see us kick out these jams live, which starts in the UK next week.


The digital album comes with a free bonus track ‘Beautiful You Me’, and purchases of the album through Bandcamp or selected UK indie record stores (including Jumbo, RiseResident and Rough Trade) will come with a free collection of remixes we’ve done for artists including Pick A Piper, Rival Consoles and Maximo Park. Physical copies of this are extremely limited so don’t dither!

Here’s the album as seen through the eyes an obscure 1980s Vectrex video game console:



February 27th, 2015

Ripperton remix of ‘Echo In’ and Tefflon coated Mixtape.


Swiss Producer & DJ Ripperton has done an ABSOLUTE BELTER of a remix for ‘Echo In’ – check it out HERE on the Tsugi website or below in the player, and then spend the rest of the day trying to contain yourselves from going door to door asking random strangers to marry you in your overwhelming delight at its awesomeness.

Add to that the fact that Terry McTeff of Teffington has gone done a mashtape of bangers ooooohh! Have a listen, or put it on at a dinner party and tell your friends that you made it yourself thus basking in the stolen glory of high taste and sophistication that only a Teff contains.

Featuring Carl Craig, Radio Slave, Talaboman, Appleblim & Ramadanman, Bobmo, DJ Koze, Clouds, Daphni & Owen Pallet, Robert Hood, Call Super, Shifted, Caribou, Perc and Kiasmos.

Under Current mix (Feb 2015) by Vesselsband on Mixcloud

Check em both out if you get chance…

February 23rd, 2015

Stream Dilate right now…


So here it is! Our new album Dilate streaming in full. Heft yersens over to The Guardian website right now and be the first to suckle our sonic colostrum – directly from the internet’s digital teat…

And for those of you with an excess of bunce in your trou, you can pre-order on LP CD or download over at our website

The stream comes replete with totally bilbous visuals courtesy of Joseph Hyde and Lost World Media made using an old modified Vectrex games console as we first showed you in the video to ‘On Monos‘ a couple of months back. Be sure to watch in 1080HD for maximum waft.

Remember, if you like what you hear, then tell your friends, children, colleagues, padawans, pets, GPs, local councillors, nemeses, and Ombudsmen all about it. And if you’re feeling well street-team, you could follow in the footsteps of Pango McSpatchcock from Swindon and get a brief review of the record tattooed on your face.

The tracklisting in full:

Echo In
As You Are (featuring Isolde)
On Monos (featuring Snow Fox)
Glass Lake
On Your Own Ten Toes

We really hope you enjoy it!

Many thanks to Isolde and Snow Fox for adding their beautiful voices to the record, and to Richard Formby for making it sound so great.

A quick note to our French and German friends and anyone else who won’t be able to stream the album at the link above, check back to our Bandcamp page later this week where the album will also be streaming in full…

February 12th, 2015

New Single ‘Echo In’

Ahoy there, fellow travellers on the good ship Vessels!

We have a bangdiddlydang new single for you – ‘Echo In’ premiered HERE on XLR8R, where you can download it for minus-zero pence (you’ll also receive it instantly if you pre-order new album Dilate which is released in a matter of weeks!).

And Vimeo.

A lush video has been made by the skilled fingers and brain of Kira Zhigalina (you may remember she made the ‘Meatman‘ video previously) which you can watch by clicking the image below.

Share it to Pluto and back, gebblers!