July 30th, 2015

German jaunt



July 24th, 2015

Headline DJ set at Oslo Hackney (with Will & Held and Worriedaboutsatan)


July 14th, 2015

Vessels live at XOYO in October

Snefters! We’re chuffed to announce our biggest London headline show to date, happening on October 21st at XOYO courtesy of Eat Your Own Ears, with some special guests yet to be announced.

Bring yer mates, yer siblings, yer kids, yer pets, yer nan and yer nan’s nan! It’s gonna be a full blown P>A>R>T>Y.


July 7th, 2015

Watch live session for Findspire

Whilst we were in Paris last month the wonderful team at Findspire filmed us playing a live lesson in their studio and also captured some of Tom and Martin’s oh-so-natural ‘on-camera’ chat vibes with a filmed interview to accompany it.

We recorded full versions of ‘Elliptic‘, ‘Echo In‘ and ‘On Your Own Ten Toes‘.

June 15th, 2015

More remixes than we know what to do with

Check out this deep and deliciously-stomping remix of Dilate’sVertical‘ by French producer Gordon (as premiered on The Drone last Monday). We’re lucky to have him performing with us at our Paris show on Thursday:

Also, the bun-scuncingly tuncing Olerton remix of ‘Glass Lake‘ is now available to buy from all the usual places, including but not limited to the Vessels Bandcamp.

If you like it deep and weird then this may just tickle your schnitzel…

…similarly the wattle-shaking Snasen remix of ‘Elliptic‘ is now also on sale on our Bandcamp – If you’ve listened to ‘Elliptic’ but often thought that the end of it never felt enough like the denouement of an eighties cop movie, then this is probably for you…

… in other news Lee went and made a corking Vessels remix of ‘Deep Field‘ by Barcelona based Rob Clouth, which has made it onto the 12″ vinyl release of the tune, out on the Berlin-based Leisure System label.

http://vesselsband.com/zoloft/symptoms-of-zoloft/, http://vesselsband.com/zithromax/zithromax-and-breastfeeding/